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We are a lifestyle eCommerce business on a mission to improve our communities by supporting our talented artists and developing and implementing future health and development projects. 

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Our products are custom-made pieces or curated handmade pieces. 

La Familia

Founder: Tawina (pronounced: Ta-wee-na) is a public health official of Afro-Guyanese descent born and currently based in the Washington DC area. She grew up in Northern Virginia, Botswana, Kenya and Trinidad and Tobago, during that time she had the opportunity to travel with her family and for work to numerous African, Asian, Caribbean, and Latin American countries. Her passion is health and development; with a Master of Public Health degree from Saint Louis University and a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in International Studies and Biology and African American Studies from Elon University. She has experience working in the public health sector for over 10 years. Her appreciation is how various cultures express themselves and evolve by utilizing the arts,fashion and technology. How her appreciations can help her passion is what motivated her to create The Hut Salud.


Brand Ambassador/ Saluder: Tracy is a model, brand ambassador, and mental health counselor based in Maryland. She finds enjoyment in helping people feel comfortable in who they are.  She obtained a Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling and has 9 years experience working in the Human services field; providing support and being an advocate for individuals with mental illness, brain injury, and intellectual disabilities.  Tracy has mastered the art of engaging with people both in the public health sector, along with the fashion sector.Check out her Instagram page @prettyawesomet for health and beauty inspiration.



Brand Ambassador/ Saluder: Tausha is an established commercial/print model and talent in the DC/MD/VA area.  Born in Washington, DC, she was a child who gravitated towards the visual and expressive arts. Her interest in fashion and aesthetics grew out her love for overall expression and her dreams of modeling and acting were born in 2004. Her modeling resume details various advertisements for My Eye Doctor, Salamander Resort and Spa, Bethesda Row, and University of Maryland (UMUC). Tausha's latest pursuit is commercial acting in which she has experience in voice-over work and stage performance.  She has and will continue to strive to use her voice, energy, charisma, and the talent God has given her to further her dream and inspire girls to live their dream as well, regardless of challenges, setbacks and the world’s limited perception of beauty. Check out her website Nimah Wynee to learn more about her modeling and acting journey.

Designer: Shannon is a visual and performing artist from Southern Maryland. She works primarily with watercolors, ink markers, and acrylic paints. Her art "Shannon's Artwerkk" explores various themes including cosmic symbols archetypes, and historical figures. Check our her website Shannon's Artwerkk to see more of her work. 

Designer: Loreal "Net Nunet" is a fashion designer from Miami, FL. She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Design at American Intercontinental University School of Design.  Her business, Goddess Fashion Factory, was launched with one purpose--to remind every woman they were born a Goddess. Goddesss Fashion Factory offers a variety of handmade African- Inspired clothing, accessories and more; with an option to customize your own look. Check out her website Goddess Fashion Factory to see more of her work.

Designer: Jasmine is an all around creative designer, orginally from Washington DC. She finds enjoyment in many forms of expression. Her business, Wild Child Dzigns, was created in an effort to share her work with others who enjoy and appreciate art in all forms. She primarily creates handmade jewelry as well as crocheted garmets. Her work has been seen on celebrities such as Mary J. Blige and Vivica Fox to name a few. Check out her website Wild Child Dzigns to see more of her work.

Designer: Gwanyan is a Liberian-American small business owner living and working in Delaware. Over the last 3 years, she has designed and created her own line of handmade jewelry in house using gold plated copper and brass wire and charms. She draws inspiration from the African diaspora and successfully fuses craftsmanship, for which she has a deep affection for, with modern materials and technology. Check out her website Kpelle Designs to see more of her work. 

Designer: Lakesha is a handmade jewelry designer from Chicago, Illinois. She is self taught and has been creating jewelry for over 5 years. Afrohemien was created out of the need for jewelry that represented Black and African culture. She creates jewelry using brass metal and natural materials such as crystals and cowrie shells. Check out her website Afrohemien to see more of her work.

Designer: Farah is a Haitian American jewelry designer who lives in Queens, NY. She started her business, Kreyol Soul Pieces, shortly after deciding to go back to her natural hair. The name Kreyol Soul Pieces was inspired by Farah’s love and adoration for her Haitian roots and all things Afrocentric. Farah is a self taught designer who primarily uses wood and brass to make her jewelry.Check our her website Kreyol Soul Pieces to see more of her work. 









































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